Estate Planning

McSweeney and Associates, APC provides a variety of services in the area of estate and fiduciary planning and compliance. We encourage our clients to seek assistance in planning for the minimization of estate taxes and disposition of assets by taking advantage of the many planning opportunities available. We work with a network of attorneys, financial planners, and insurance representatives who specialize in estate planning, in both the local and Sacramento area, all of whom are necessary to help our clients meet their goals.

In addition to general estate planning, our specific services include planning for retirement and college funds, business valuations (particularly for family owned businesses), preparation of estate and fiduciary tax returns, and post mortem planning for the transfer of assets and funding of trusts. Ed McSweeney is willing, and often does, serve as the trustee of certain trusts where it is appropriate to have an independent trustee.

Many techniques can be employed to reduce or eliminate estate tax. A basic plan for a married couple generally begins with a revocable living trust which will provide for an exemption trust on the death of the first spouse. Larger estates often utilize life insurance trusts to avoid taxation of life insurance proceeds in the estate, a charitable remainder trust to avoid income taxation on the sale of highly appreciated property, and family limited partnerships to take advantage of discounted values for gifting purposes.

People often believe that estate planning is unnecessary unless they have a very large estate. The fact is, nearly every individual can benefit from some type of estate planning, from the most simple will to the multi-faceted plan which encompasses many planning techniques.